Friday, 10 October 2008

Our little ball of emotion

Since he was a baby, we've noticed that Colin experiences every emotion at 100%. There is never feeling just a little sad, or simply content, or slightly frustrated. He is sobbing uncontrollably, over-the-moon elated, or screaming with impatience.

Last night my sister, Jennifer, was babysitting the boys for us, which included bedtime. When we arrived home, she recounted this story to us.

Bedtime was fairly uneventful, which can be unusual for us. Caleb went to sleep no problem, which left Jennifer time to spend with Colin, reading a few books, singing songs, talking about the events of the day, nighttime prayers, and then going to sleep. Everything went smoothly, she shut off the light and came downstairs.

About 15 minutes later, she heard a soft sobbing from upstairs. At first she thought it was Caleb, but as she listened outside the bedroom doors she discovered it was in fact Colin. She opened the door and went to his bedside, to discover his pillow soaked with tears from a long period of crying, and Colin softly gulping air, tears falling freely down his cheeks.

"Colin, what's wrong?" she inquired. Through sobs, came Colin's response:
"I didn't get to say goodnight to Derek."
(Derek is Jennifer's boyfriend of 5 years, to whom Colin has taking a particular liking. On hearing this simple plea, Jennifer's heart broke!)
"Would you like to call him and say goodnight?"
"Yes, please."

And so, after a quick phone call to Derek (which melted his heart!), Colin snuggled back into bed, content. Within minutes he was fast asleep.

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