Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Something's cooking

Autumn is coming, which brings with it a delectable variety of fall flavours and meals. Fresh baked apple pies, crockpot roasts, stews and soups, chili with cornbread... Warm and comforting hugs while the cool weather nips at your cheeks. I love the autumn.

This fall has also brought some new things into my kitchen.

Last week I canned food for the very first time. Aren't my pears just gorgeous? Beautiful glass jars lined up on a shelf, almost too good to eat - almost.

This is my first chicken roast of the season, complete with the mandatory potatoes, carrots and apples. The glaze you see was a fantastic honey mustard curry concoction that pleased all palates here.

We stocked up on a bushel of Mactintosh apples fresh from the orchard. We've been snacking on them whole, sliced with cinnamon, and the rest will be turned into apple pies, preserves and homemade applesauce.

Squash is a new venture for me this fall. I am tiptoeing outside of my comfort zone and going to try a recipe this evening for the Delicata squash (that's the striped one). The other I've got is a butternut squash, which from my reading, is difficult to ruin and very tasty.

Well, that's it from my kitchen today. Let's all raise a glass of apple cider to the fall!

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