Sunday, 12 October 2008

The wheels in his head have been turning

Caleb moments that amaze me:

Mornings often start early in our home, which means the four of us snuggling up in our bed with some morning cartoons. Caleb is totally uninterested in the TV, but absolutely enthralled with the TV remote. Colin is not impressed with this, as it often led to Caleb changing the channel. As a result, I usually take out the batteries before handing it over. The other day Caleb was sitting with me on the bed and spied the batteries on my night table. He crawled over and picked them up, then got off the bed and crawled around on the floor. After a minute he found what he was looking for: the remote. He then flipped the remote over and put in the batteries (almost), then took the little battery cover and did his best to slip it into place. Now that's a lot of association to make!


Today during church Caleb insisted on playing with my pen. I twisted the top to lower the ink, and surrendered it. He then wandered over to the next pew where a piece of paper was sticking out. He grabbed the paper and then proceeded to "write" intently for the next couple of minutes. I would love to know what story his little brain was concocting!


Caleb loves food. Loves it. To the point where you better hold tight to what you're eating, or he'll snap it right out of your hands (like the hot dog he did from his grandpa yesterday, whose arm was leaning just a little too far across the table!). Today I had a little container of cereal that he was snacking out of at church. A little girl no more than 18 months in the pew ahead of us spied the snack and stood, drooling, looking over at him. Her little arm wavered toward the container, but Caleb saw the potential offender right away. He stuck his fist in and grabbed a handful, then quickly put the lid on. He munched on what he had, then uncovered the container again long enough to grab a few more pieces, then covered it again. This continued on until he was finished. Nothing comes between Caleb and his food.


Note to self: don't bother with toys for Christmas. I packed a bag with all sorts of toys for Caleb at church. I spread them out on the floor. The other infants flocked to the toys. Caleb spent the hour playing with: my pen, my wallet, a straw he found on the floor, and the leg of a table.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like Shea. I like to start my mornings slowly. Shea used to cooperate, with my putting some toys and him on the wall-side of the bed while I checked my mail, watched a bit of TV, planned my day, etc. Shea, now having discovered climbing, is much more difficult to entertain, so I put as wide a variety of toys out that I can (though I still spend most of my time re-seating him :)). Yet, with this plethora of toys sprawled out for the taking, he goes for the remote, his wipes container, and ESPECIALLY the laptop and its accompanying cords (which are, or course, strictly off limits). He inevitably changes the channel to CNN, the independent film channel, or some other news show. He's already like his father :).