Wednesday, 10 December 2008

3 car garages

I am amazed anyone out there still scrapes ice off of their cars. I remember days of frozen fingers gripping a long ice pick, snow chips flying into my face. I recall sweeping inches of snow from the top of the car into my boots. I hate the cold, and there's nothing worse on a cold, dark morning than having to spend half an hour digging my car out before trudging off to work.

But we bought a house with a garage. It's not a large garage, but it fits our car. And there is no way I would stash boxes full of stuff in there instead of my car. When we pulled our snowless car out of the garage after last year's first snowstorm, our neighbour remarked that we are the first ones in 20 years to use the garage for a car.

And yet the majority of people do not use their garage for a car. For some insane reason, they would rather waste time scraping ice and snow off their car than part with the unknown contents of a few superfluous boxes. What is our fascination with stuff that creates this anomaly in human behaviour?

Not only are all houses built with garages now, but most are built with two or three car garages. And still the driveways look like parking lots. Well, at least I found my sanity in the frigid weather of winter.

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