Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Colinisms and Calebites

Caleb's favourite book is "Pat the Bunny" (which, incidently, was one of Colin's favs also). Caleb is much more interactive with the book, pattin gthe bunny, playing peek-a-boo, smelling the flowers, playing peek-a-boo, feeling Daddy's scratchy face, playing peek-a-boo, reading the book, playing peek-a-boo...you get the picture. But the funniest part is the end. The last page has Paul and Judy waving goodbye, and asks the reader to wave goodbye also. Caleb loves this part, and always waves enthusiastically. Then yesterday we were reading an Usborne book about Farms (the only other book Caleb is interested in). We flip through all the pages, backward and forward, backward and forward, until he's through. Then, when he closed the book, he waved goodbye. It was hilarious. Now whenever we finish a book, he waves goodbye to it.


I have taken to calling Caleb "Cay-Cay" on occasion, usually when he's crying. Now Colin has started calling him Cay-Cay to ease those frequent tears. But the other day, Colin paused after calling his brother by this nickname, then said:

"He's Cay-Cay, so that means I'm Ca-Ca."

(To be fair, the first syllable in "Colin" is pronounced more like "Ca" than "Co")

I burst out laughing, and tried to explain why he maybe shouldn't refer to himself as "Ca-Ca". He either didn't get it, or didn't care, because he kept laughing and calling himself Ca-Ca all day. Oh, this is just the beginning of the toilet humour prevalent in raising boys. I wonder if I really missed much not having any brothers?


Colin has a new game, thanks to my beloved husband. With the (very early) release of the trailer for the new Star Trek movie (it doesn't come out until next spring!), sci-fi fever is running rampant in our home. James pulled out two of his large Star Trek ship models, and now Colin loves to fly the Enterprise around our house. That would be cute enough, but of course our little guy takes it that one step further to make it adorable. James has shown him one or two scenes from Star Trek movies, and so Colin now reenacts these scenes, complete with soundtrack. That's right, my little three-year-old runs around the house, taking the ship to "warp speed" and singing the "Star Trek: The Next Generation" theme song in all its movie-score varieties. Priceless.


I took Caleb grocery shopping yesterday. This is something I never do, because wrangling children while shopping is not something I wish to battle through. Nonetheless, there we were. I struggled to get him into the cart, then pushed my way over to the produce section. As I turned the cart, Caleb's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open. A smile spread wide across his face as he took in his surroundings. I could almost hear the words forming in his mind: "What is this place, this heavenly place where food piles up in glorious mountains of deliciousness all around me?!" As I navigated through the fruits and vegetables, he stretched his little arm as far as it would reach, desperate to get his fingers on some of this wonderful food. He was like a kid in a candy store. Or rather, a kid in a grocery store...

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