Friday, 26 December 2008

Auntie Terri-Ann

I am an aunt! Yes, I know I have two children myself, but becoming a mother and becoming an aunt are entirely different. I am so excited to have a little nephew.

My youngest sister, Krystal, delivered Alexander a week ago. It was a difficult and long labour (why did we have to have those genes in our family!) but her little baby is beautiful. Krystal is, in many ways, a mirror of myself, so this experience has been a little like watching myself from afar. It's wonderful to see her and her husband take to parenthood so naturally. I myself am reminiscing of those early days with a newborn, where the world revolves around mother and baby, as this new relationship cements its deep bonds.

And I am ever so thrilled with being an aunt. I have showered him with gifts, held the tender bundle in my arms, and passed him back when he starts to cry. I can't wait for the cousin relationship to form between him and my boys. This is a new phase in the life of the family in which I was raised. We are entering a new stage of life, a time when we will share our secrets, joys, trials and tribulations of motherhood.

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heather80 said...

That's great :). Do you have some photos to post (with Krystal's permission, of course.)