Monday, 1 December 2008


Flipping through the Sears wishbook today, trying to get ideas to go on my Christmas list. First of all, finding it very difficult to come up with ideas. I have lots of things already, do I really need a whole bunch more? As I flip I come to the women's clothing section. I'm impressed that most of the models are actually wearing clothes that cover their bodies. The style this year seems to be layers and length, which is nice to see. One model is wearing long shorts, tall boots and a shirt that ends above her belly button, and I wonder who on earth wears this during winter?

Flip, flip, flip. I start to notice a trend. Model #1 seems to be saying "Look how sexy I am in my evening gown!" Alright, evening gowns are supposed to be stunning and alluring. Model #2: "Look how sexy I am in my tight sweater." The sweater, previously designed for warmth, has evolved with fashion to also be enticing. Model #3: "Look how sexy I am in my jeans and t-shirt." Sorry? Aren't jeans and a t-shirt the epitome of casual, laid-back, lying around the house outfits? Model #4: "Look how sexy I am in my oversized, large winter jacket." Now I'm really confused. Was I supposed to buy my winter jacket based on its sexiness quotient, rather than the ultimate, warm, covers-me-all-over model? Model #5: "Look how sexy I am in my very, very short dress with low cut neck and short sleeves." I'm sorry, I forgot to check over my shoulder out the window, but it's still winter, right? Model #6: "Look how sexy I am in my pant suit and dress shirt." What job do you have that requires you to give that "Look how sexy I am" look? Model #7: "Look how sexy I am in my belted sweater, arm "leggings" and old tights, a look inspired by the hobo." The outfit looks terrible, and the face still says sexy.

I'm appalled by the catalogue. I didn't even get to the lingerie, and every single outfit I saw was selling sexiness. Somehow this is the only criteria for buying an item of clothing. How can we wonder why young girls wear what they do, act the way they do, and portray themselves as sex objects toward boys? I would hope there was no woman on the advertising team that created this catalogue, and yet I know that is untrue. Women are all over the advertising industry, and they are only abetting the scenario. Even the young girl models, under 10 years old, display their clothing with sass - not quite sexiness, but the underlying message is the same.

Looking good, being well-groomed, and wearing clothes that fit nicely are far cries from the need to look sexy in every outfit. And yet, somehow and too often we fall victim to the marketing schemes and need for approval that plagues so many of us women.