Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Happy Birthday Colin

Today marks three years of Colin's journey of life on this earth. I look at my little boy and his eyes and face betray his growing older. His thoughts are more purposeful, taking in and understanding and processing much that seems beyond his years. And yet there are times when he still crumples in a ball of tears and frustration that reminds me he still is only a little boy.

His imagination is so vivid. Surrounded by a plethora of toy cars, he will build a small garage out of blocks and then build a small car to go into the garage. He recreates scenes from favourite movies. He finds a quiet corner to devour a pile of books. He's not much of an outdoor kid yet, but he loves to have a playmate. He is starting to see his younger brother as a possible friend. He watches out for Caleb, warning him of danger, or taking his hand to show him a new game. He explains the rules clearly, expecting his brother to understand as clearly as he does himself. He loves music of all kinds, and will request everything from pop to disco to classical to Show Tunes to children's music. He enjoys the symphony of musical instruments at his fingertips to play, from the piano to the drums to the flute. He loves to dance and can pass more than half an hour this way. He is starting to understand God, especially through music. He feels the difference of a spiritual conversation as opposed to another.

He is growing, growing, growing. He is imitating his parents, he is absorbing the world around him, and his photographic memory permanently imprints everything onto his forming mind. This is one day to commemorate, but it reminds me to celebrate him every day.

Happy Birthday, Colin.

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heather80 said...

Happy Birthday to Colin :).