Wednesday, 29 July 2009


There was an old TV ad that I found really funny, and it has always stuck in my mind. A man is driving in his car. He parks in a parking lot and starts walking. He passes by those huge construction fences - the big wooden sheets that mean you can't see what's going on behind. His pace slows a little, and he happens upon a small hold in the fence. He stops and peers through the whole, completely taken by the busy construction scene going on. Cut to him squeezing through a full row of people at a baseball game. He sits beside his friends and they ask him why he is late. The man shrugs and simply says "construction." The others nod knowingly.

Well, I guess it's an inborn guy thing. There is a major construction project just getting started behind our house. So far, the only thing actually going on is a digger that scoops dirt and drops it into a truck, that then disappears around the corner to dump it. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

But something about it has my boys captivated. Yesterday we sat on the lawn in front of the construction scene and watched it for an hour. This morning they asked to watch again. The construction workers know us now; they always wave to the boys and today they even came over to chat with them. Seriously - all there is, is a digger, digging dirt. They are going to be ecstatic when the real stuff starts! (Oh, and I'm SO excited for all the dirt and noise and the 5-story retirement building going in behind our lot.)

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