Friday, 31 July 2009

What are the odds...

James mother is currently vacationing in Scotland, visiting friends and family and seeing the sights. Yesterday Colin received a postcard from her. (He loves getting mail, especially when it's addressed to him!) There was a photograph of a bagpiper on the front, and a lovely note telling him how much Grandma missed her little darling, and also talking about the instrument on the back.

Colin was intrigued, but I could see in his eyes the concept of the bagpipe was escaping him. I've got a plethora of instruments at home, but this one had a little too much going on for him to grasp it all.

Then, later on in the afternoon as we lay relaxing in the house, I heard the clear, loud tones of...a bagpipe floating on the air! So loud, I knew they had to be really close. I grabbed Colin's hand and we raced out barefoot into the backyard. And lo and behold, there in the parking lot behind our backyard, standing barely 20 feet from where we stood, was a woman in full Scottish regalia, warming up her bagpipe! There is a funeral home across the street, and I'm assuming that's where she was headed off to. But for now, she had parked right behind our yard and was playing away for our enjoyment! Colin stared hard, trying to take it all in - the bag, the pipes, the way it was played, the sound it produced. He thought it was neat, but I was just blown away by the coincidence! What are the odds?!

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