Friday, 17 July 2009

My little baby

16 week pre-natal appointment today - and I finally heard the heartbeat. 130 bmp, nice and strong. According to the old wives tale, hat means I'm having a boy, but we'll know better next month when we go for our ultrasound. Over the last few days I have finally seen that bump on my tummy take the shape of a baby - small, round and firm rather than the flab of 6 large bags of potato chips. Those chips got me through the nausea like a miracle drug, but they certainly decided to hang around! I am now into my total health food pregnancy kick, meaning that I crave nothing but fruits and vegetables. The thought of meat makes me sick, and any grains just sit like a lump in my stomach. I have a really hard time with chocolate and ice cream. My daily snacks are apples and carrots.

My doctors (a husband and wife team) always love to have resident doctors in their office. I love that they are so willing to support those working to become doctors themselves. Both this doctor's visit and my last one I saw the resident. It takes a little longer, because they are still trying to remember everything. But I don't mind - I am in awe that their memory can possibly hold all the information they need to know, and I never mind if they are unsure and want to ask someone or look something up. We are all learning all the time, and better they admit they are unsure than they plow forward and possibly make a mistake. Last time the resident had some trouble with the Doppler ultrasound - I watched her stare at the counter for a few minutes, and check some drawers. She kept picking up a tube of thick white cream, opening it, and putting it down. After a few minutes I gently pointed to the bottle of blue gel on the counter. We both laughed about it. Today the resident (a different one) completely forgot about doing the ultrasound at all. Of course I hadn't forgotten, and as he was about to leave I casually asked if we could take a minute to hear the heartbeat before I left. Again, we both had a laugh, as I joked that I was more experienced in this area than he.

All in all, I feel much better now. Emotionally, at least. I'm still exhausted beyond words, and can't manage more than 5 minutes of any task, but at least my mind can finally have a little peace.

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Emily Tayman said...

I can't wait until my stomach starts taking shape. I'm 9 1/2 weeks and I'm starting to feel flabby.... not cool.