Saturday, 15 August 2009


Caleb is maybe giving us some insight into his teenage years. There are two things he has mastered in terms of communication: food and sleep. I've already mentioned the plethora of food words he has learned, to tell us everything from what he wants to drink to what kind of "dip" he wants with his food (ketchup, syrup, salad dressing, etc.)

He has also become very adept at letting us know when he is tired. I generally try to have both boys nap at the same time, around 1pm. Caleb, however, is often tired by 12:15 (what a surprise, considering is up by 6am!). I try to stave him off; some days he just wanders around with a tired look saying "nap, nap!" Other days he goes upstairs and pulls out his blanket and soother from the crib and carries them around the house. Today he took it one step further. Too tired even to eat, he tugged at me saying "nap." I asked him to wait until I had finished my lunch before I took him up. He disappeared upstairs, and then I saw him coming down again, carrying blanket, soother and his favourite book! This was a no-nonsense, clear-cut communication - it was definitely nap time!

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