Saturday, 8 August 2009

The magical age

Happy birthday to me!

Thankfully, I've never really been caught up in age and birthdays. Each year I grow one year older. Next year I will be one year older than I am this year. But the growing number doesn't really affect me at all. It did strike me that this year I am 29, that magical number that all women don't seem to age past. I guess I'll have to see how I feel next year when I'm no longer in my 20s.

What I do look forward to is a day spent mostly for me. Today I spent a lovely couple of hours at the hair stylist, indulging in the 20 minute head massage they give while washing your hair. I have a lovely, new, fun cut that can still be pulled up into a ponytail when I'm being "mom", and let loose into some curls when I want to go out. Roses arrived early this morning from my adoring husband. This evening James and I are heading out to celebrate our birthdays and anniversary, all of which fall in this same week. We will eat at one of the local fine dining restaurants, a rarely indulged in pleasure of ours.

And right now I'm doing exactly what I love most to do on a day I have to myself - grabbing some alone time. I'm in my bedroom, door closed, boys being entertained by dad. I have a bag of plain chips and some onion dip. I'll likely peruse around a bit on the internet on some favourite blog sites, and read a few chapters of my book. I know, I know - so many of my girlfriends would probably say "but you could be shopping!" or "why don't you get out for a bit?" But really and truly, I am loving the alone time, filled with peace and quiet. I've just finished "Toss the Guilt, Catch the Joy" again, and my head is swimming with ideas and my heart fully inspired. I may even just sit here and settle into some daydreaming.

Happy birthday to me.

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Elizabeth said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :) That's a perfect way to spend it!! My husband turns 29 in a couple months and he's looking forward to it. We have this insane belief that when we hit our 30s, people will take us more seriously ;)