Saturday, 15 August 2009


I have noticed lately that Colin is very in tune with people around him. He picks up on emotions of others, joining in their elation and showing concern with their distress.

The other day at the play centre a boy about 2 years old was having a complete meltdown. Tears streamed down his cheeks, great deep sobs escaped his lips. Colin hovered nearby, clearly concerned about this young boy. After a few minutes, Colin approached him:

"Would you like to play with me? I can be your friend."

I don't even think the boy heard Colin through the crying. His mother continued to try and soothe him, but Colin didn't give up so easily. He hovered near the boy, offering now and then a favourite toy he thought might cheer him. Once or twice it even seemed Colin wanted to reach out and hug the boy. It was a good ten minutes before the boy calmed down enough to hear and then respond to Colin's invitation to join in play. Moments later the two were happily engaged in a game with cars and trains.

The mother approached me after, a grateful look in her eyes. "How old is your son?" she asked. "Three and a half," I responded. "He's closer to my other boys - they're four. My son here is only two. I'm surprised he would bother with someone younger like that."

I smiled and nodded, but I wasn't surprised. Colin has a natural sense of compassion and sees beyond any seeming limitations to find the need of the person he sees.

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