Thursday, 6 August 2009

Our next arrival... a boy, due date December 29th! People have been asking me if I was hoping it was a girl, since I'm not sure we'll have any more, or if we were "going for the girl" this time. I have to say that I flip-flopped on this one every day. I wanted a girl, not so much as a daughter for me but a sister for the boys. I think growing up with only brothers or only sisters leaves a huge mystery when it comes to the opposite sex, because you've never had a chance to really get close in the way siblings do. For me as a mom, if I had a really "girly-girl" I think I would be totally lost, because I was such a tomboy. Now that we know it's a boy (no question there!), I'm excited to raise my little men.

My favourite book is Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women," but my favourite part of the Jo March story is actually the school for boys she opens up once she gets married. Even back when I was 20 and worked as a camp counselor, I naturally drifted to mentor the boys. I even had a friend say the other day that they couldn't imagine me with girls - they really see me as a mom of sons.

My favourite parenting book is also written by a mother of only sons (she had four), and her words were so inspirational to me. I see the wonderful, beautiful adventure of a mom raising boys, and glimpse ahead to the special reverence boys often hold their mothers in.

So Benjamin Martin Gawthroupe is due December 29th (both my sister and James' brother's birthday!), according to the ultrasound. Now at least I'm able to have a better vision of the future, of this little tiny boy arriving into our family. It really does help make the illness of the pregnancy, which seems to be holding on even worse than with the last two, more bearable.

James wanted to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream to celebrate. Sadly, the only thing I wanted was carrot sticks.


mommy's thoughts! said...

Congrats, boys are so much fun aren't they? I'm very excited for you and now all of are kids will be born in the same year! How fun.

Elizabeth said...

I am SOOOOO loving that I'm not the only mommy of 2 boys expecting a 3rd boy this year and absolutely thrilled about it :) I know a lot of moms that cried with boy #3 because they wanted a girl so badly. Like you, I've always been drawn to little boys. I told Jason back at the very beginning that we were going to have all boys because I'm not girly enough to raise a daughter! :) Many, many congrats!!!