Thursday, 15 April 2010

Caleb's speech

I am experiencing the most unusual speech issue with Caleb. He has a huge vocabulary, most of which he pronounces fairly accurately. He has a little lisp, and tends to imitate Colin's tendency to pronounce "b" as a "v" in the middle of words (like "tavel" for "table"). He even uses big words like "normally" and "usually" and specific words like "craft" and "indeed."

But over the past month or so he has started to put a "g" at the beginning of many of his words. Some of the ones he uses are "grotato" (potato) "gasagna" (lasagna) "guseum" (museum). There is no consistency to which letter he is replacing with the "g" sound. He says "lunch" but not "lasagna." He says "Mommy" but not "museum." Not only that, but he used to say all these words properly before. There seems to be no thought process before hand, as though he wanted to mix it all up for fun. He continues speaking in his usual conversation fashion, but is putting "g" sounds everywhere! When I correct him, he says the word a few times incorrectly before imitating my drawn-out pronounciation, inserting the correct letter.

I had a fleeting thought it might be related to new baby syndrome, a little toddler regression in light of the new arrival, but after observing the situation for a couple of weeks, I am convinced that is not an issue.

Has anyone out there run into this before? Those of you in education and child care, or others who work with kids?

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