Thursday, 15 April 2010

Conversation with Colin

Mommy: Yes! A pull-through!
Colin: What's a pull-through?
Mommy: It's when no one has parked in front of you in the parking lot and you can drive right through instead of backing up.
Colin: Is that good?
Mommy: It's easier.
Colin: But Mommy! You just drove over a yellow line!
Mommy: Oh, those yellow lines are just to know where to park. It's okay to drive over those ones.
Colin: But not the ones on the road.
Mommy: No.
Colin: Hmm. Okay, here are the rules of the road. Number one: if you drive fast, you will get a ticket and go to jail.
Mommy: Well, you might get a ticket, but you won't go to jail if you just do it once. Maybe if you keep doing it and drive dangerously, you might go to jail.
Colin: Rule number two: if lots of people drive fast, then they will all go to jail and the jails will be full. Rule number four: If you hit a car and have an accident, and a little crumb falls off the car, then you have to get out and look with a flashlight for the crumb, and if you find it, you can put it back on and then you don't have to go to jail. Those are the rules of the road. Make sure you follow them, Mommy.
Mommy: Thank you, Colin.

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