Saturday, 24 April 2010

Disk full

Remember that old warning you would get on your computer, back before they had an inordinate amount of memory in them? "Disk full." It meant that there was too much in the computer's hard drive and it simply could not process anything more.

That is a perfect description of my brain this week. It has reached maximum capacity and won't seem to hold anything new! I had various appointments this week, and each time someone looked into my eyes and told me when and where, I could hear my brain sending me a message saying "I hear what this person is saying, but I am not storing it - disk full." It was only by the good graces of my husband (whose memory is impeccable and infinite) that I actually managed to get to every where I needed to go and get everything done that needing doing. For example, Thursday morning I woke up completely forgetting to go to my bible study that I've been doing every Thursday for two years. James mentioned it to me at breakfast. And Thursday afternoon I had a music rehearsal with a couple of friends, and all day I kept saying to myself "rehearsal at 4, rehearsal at 4, don't go anywhere after nap - rehearsal at 4." I could feel my brain not holding these pieces of information!

It all came to a head last night. If you know me, you know I am a voracious reader. I always have at least 2 or 3 books on the go. Well these past two weeks I've picked up 8 new books, 1 library book and 1 book from my own collection. Of these 10, every single one is of great interest to me, so much so that last night I found myself sitting with all 10 around me, having read chapters from 3 of them and thumbing through the rest. Suddenly my brain sent me a message: "Are you kidding me??? DISK FULL!!!!!!!"

I laughed to myself, gathered the books, placed them on the floor beside my bed, and turned out the light. This morning has been full of other projects, and so my poor brain is finally getting a little rest and recharge. I'm not sure how I clear out some disk space, because heaven knows I've got to solve this crisis soon. I can hear my books calling to me, plus there is the little issue of getting through the week, hitting all my appointments and remembering that things like eating and sleeping are necessary to survival!


Anonymous said...

That's why, as you girls were growing up, I always had a calendar diary in which I wrote all my appointments (and everyone else's too). I would check it out each morning and as I went through the day - it kept me sane. :-)

Christine said...

I agree.I keep a daily
planner with all our appts and Grandma's and save them from year to year for ref-
erence. I recently did
a health history for
Grandma by going over them. I keep it with me at all times.It works.

Terri-Ann said...

The sad thing is - I do keep a calendar! It's on my fridge where I could see it a hundred times a day. And still I can't seem to manage! On Tuesday I actually missed TWO different appointments. Just completely forgot about them. I felt really bad, but fortunately they weren't really important ones.