Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Fairytale Princess

I wonder what it is about the idea of being a princess that speaks to the heart of us girls? Lately, my boys have discovered a couple of the old Disney films and storybooks, "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White." As I've spent time reading these favourites to them, I have had time to ponder on that little spark that flutters inside when I think about a young princess being swept off her feet by a handsome prince.

Many of these old stories (especially "Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White") have much in common; in fact the plot lines of these two stories are so alike it's a wonder they both cam to such prominence. Disney has even capitalized on the princess idea, creating a "Princess Brand" and line for young girls, combining the many Disney princesses into a group that graces toys, clothes, linens and more.

This morning I read a news headline about the impending engagement and marriage of Prince William of England, to "commoner" Kate Middleton. And even as I read about this real life fairy tale, the flutter in my heart started to beat. Of course I don't expect to marry William and become a princess. But something in me heightens at the thought that some girl, any girl, could be swept off her feet be a real life prince and become a princess. Even in this modern world of feminism and women's rights, there is still something innate that is captivated by the possibility.

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