Thursday, 22 April 2010

Diary of events

Usually I resist writing about day-to-day activities here. Sometimes they might be interesting to me, but more often than not they day-to-day stuff is fairly mundane. However yesterday was a little exciting and deserves a page in the Gawthroupe history.

Colin and Caleb are now sharing a room! We took the bunk beds apart to make two single beds. (Bunk beds still terrify me! Between someone [Caleb] falling [or jumping] off the top bunk, or the unrealistic fear of the top bunk crushing the person below, I still have a hard time with bunks after all this time!) My initial thought was simply to get a nursery for Benjamin, so he can at least nap in his own room during the day. James and I often found ourselves needing something from our bedroom but not wanting to wake Benjamin up. But as soon as I saw both boys hop into their respective beds, something endearing swelled in my heart. Those two boys are such good friends, and now they have a new way to bond together in the same room.

We spoke together about not talking once the lights were off, and about being quiet in the morning. Caleb has been waking up before 6am, and Colin sleeps at least until 7 or 7:30. Well, James stood at the door once he turned off the light and listened in. "Caleb?" came Colin's loud whisper. "Yes?" came the reply. James didn't hear any more after that, but we both grinned at the brotherly love and friendship they share.

Quiet in the morning...not so much. However it is darker in Colin's room, and both boys slept until 7am, which is at least manageable. Nap today was the last hurdle. Colin is down to only one or two naps a week, and Caleb can still go 3 hours a day! So I put Colin in my bed, because I knew that if they were together in the room they would never sleep! So far so good! The only issue now is that Benjamin still cries after an hour of his nap, and his nursery shares a vent with the boys' room. So I just had to dash upstairs when he cried and bring him down to the swing. It remains to be seen if his cry woke up Caleb or not. Maybe I'll have to get the white noise machine back in with Caleb, just to keep him sleeping.

All in all, not bad. I think I had worked myself up to thinking it was going to be disastrous, and so it was nice that it worked out so well. This weekend I get to paint and decorate the nursery, then everything should be all sorted out upstairs.

And so we have passed another mini-milestone in our daily lives here.

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