Friday, 18 June 2010


At the end of a long week of little to no sleep (for both Benjamin and I!) I finally found out the reason: today Benjamin cut his first tooth! I had been completely dumbfounded at the drastic change in Benjamin this past week. He has always nursed every three hours, even through the night, but during the past week he was waking every hour at night, whimpering, fussing, nursing, turning, tossing. Naps were almost non-existent throughout the day, which only makes a tired baby more grumpy. Last night we couldn't even get him to go to sleep without being held - not crib nor co-sleeper nor swing would do. It was eventually in Daddy's arms that he exhausted himself into sleep.

Then this afternoon as he chewed on my finger I felt the tiny little scrape of a tiny little baby tooth! And finally I have my answer as to the reason for Benjamin's unsettled week. A dose of Tylenol and he's been out like a light since bedtime. Here's hoping for a quick return of our little smiley guy.

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