Monday, 28 June 2010

Like mother, like son

After hearing Colin recite "The Polar Express," a friend asked if either James or I were similar when we were young. I initially gave the usual response that both of us enjoyed performing from a young age, and that while I can't seem to remember a book I read last month or an appointment I have tomorrow, I can memorize a Shakespeare monologue in 10 minutes.

Then I recalled an experience from years ago. When I was almost eight years old my family lived in England. We lived in a row of townhouses in a type of court. There were lots of kids in the area. I remember during the summer I would set out a blanket and then set my alarm clock. When it rang, the neighbourhood kids would all gather on my blanket and I would recite Robert Munsch stories to everyone. I can particularly recall performing "Mortimer" and "Thomas' Snowsuit."

Everyone always thinks of musical talent being passed through the family, or dance or a knack for fixing things or a technical mind. But I had never connected Colin's storytelling talent to my own experience before. It's so neat to see pieces of you emerge from your children.

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