Monday, 7 June 2010


Not that "Polar Express" is ever gone for long around here, but this morning Colin is once again running through the entire movie. No, not watching it, reciting it. He is running a small wooden train around and around the wooden track on the small table we have set up. He has been doing it since he woke up, line by line through the entire movie. Right now he's about 45 minutes or so into the film. He hasn't missed a line or sound effect. Every line is delivered with full inflection, just as it is in the movie. He's been doing this for years. Perhaps I'm still amazed at it this morning because it's been a while since they watched the movie. The kid has a super memory! If I lived closer to the city, or if he was an only child, I might consider taking him to auditions. But I know first hand what that all really entails, and it's not a ship I want to sail at this time. So for now I'll just leave it all to his imagination.

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