Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Charlotte's Web

We finally settled into "Charlotte's Web" to read. The first day, Colin sat while I read ten chapters. We only stopped because I had to make dinner. I think he might have sat through the entire book at once, if we'd had the time. One of his favourite parts of chapter books is the chapter title. He always makes me read the chapter number and title, and then his eyes grow wide in anticipation of what that title might mean is coming up. And when we stop, he always wants to know what the next chapter is called, and you can see the anticipation in his eyes. The next day we read another 6 chapters, once again stopping only when I had to tear away to attend to Benjamin.

What's made it even more wonderful is that we've been reading it outside on the swing. The swing folds down into a flat bed, and the boys and I, including Benjamin, pile onto it and read away in the shade of the hot summer-like days. Caleb wanders in and out, Benjamin smiles and gurgles and plays with his feet, and Colin lies enthralled as he listens. I have put a moritorium on movies when the weather is nice, and this has become a natural substitute.

(We're nearly done Charlotte's Web - if you have any other suggestions of books that might be of interest, let me know!)


Anonymous said...

I could make you a list :)

But, Stuart Little is another good one!


Anonymous said...

My students used to love 'The Mouse and the Motorcycle'.

Love, Mom