Saturday, 29 January 2011

Because I'm that kind of wife

I know I'm opinionated and persistent. I often stick in my heels and insist on doing things my way. Well, when you're always right, why wouldn't you always want it done your own way? But this is a little story to show that I'm not obstinate just to be contrary. I have a rational mind that can be convinced with a little forethought and planning.

This story starts two days ago when my computer finally had it. The power connector inside the computer was so loose that it could no longer hold the power cord and keep a charge. So we yanked and pulled and wrangled one last time to do a complete backup of all the files, and then let her "go gently into that good night."

The next morning I sat in the living room of my friends house and told her how there was no way I was letting James buy me a new computer when he has two. My rant included arguments like "who needs three computers when there are people in this world without food?" and "he's just going to have to pick one to give up to me," and, of course "we absolutely do not need to spend the money on something as frivolous as a third computer." I told them how I knew James was going to insist that he needed both computers for work every day - the Apple for video editing and the PC for email and linking to his Blackberry. (Don't even get me started about the Blackberry.) And I told them that there was no way, no how, I was giving in and buying a new computer.

I was so firm, so persistent in my position, so sure that I was going to win this one.

Then I came home. I made lunch and put the boys down for nap. I made myself something to eat. And just at the moment when my hunger was satiated and my brain was enjoying some peace and quiet, James very calmly came upstairs.

He told me how he had done our taxes and figured out the amount of our nice, large tax return this year. He told me that he had researched computers and how the MacBook had many advantages. He outlined said advantages, including the software that came with the computer and the major upgrade Apple had made since my computer (a 2001) that died. He said that because Apple doesn't let stores competitively price their products, they are the same price everywhere. He mentioned that our electronics store in town has one in stock. He explained that after buying the computer we would still have a portion to put against the mortgage and to contribute to our RRSP fund.

He finished without flourish.

And I said "yes." Because I'm that kind of wife.

I can be convinced with a well-thought out argument. I don't stick my heels into the ground just because I want to be right. If I genuinely think he's got a point, or he's actually right, I don't fight it. Why bother?

And later that night, I got a nice, shiny new computer out of this deal!

(My friends also had a really good laugh about it the next day!)

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