Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Christmas Cards

Wow, I am such a boring Christmas card sender! First of all, I buy my cards. Usually from the Dollar store, to get the most for my money. Then I print off a tiny photo and throw it in. This year I didn't even write a letter of our goings-on for the past year. This year, my Christmas card totally fell into the "because I'm supposed to" category. I didn't send one to anyone we see on a regular basis. I didn't even send it to many of my friends. My mailing list consisted mainly of friends of mine and James' parents, and family from the older generations (who send cards and expect cards back).

Was I ever in the wrong frame of mind.

First of all, I got a card from a good friend in town, who we see all the time. She used one of those online scrapbooking sites and put together a great 4x6 photo with fancy fonts wishing a Merry Christmas. It was really cute, didn't take much time at all, printed as easily as my little family photos, but looked so great and also said "we took a little effort in making this." Plus, I felt so great getting a card from a friend who lives so close; it said "we love you guys, we're thinking about you." That kind of feeling is wonderful, especially at Christmastime.

So I resolved that next year I would do something like that. Then, this morning, I read this blog entry (click here). Granted, this author is a photographer, and so her photography is amazing, her design ideas are creative, and she probably has lots of creative, photographer friends. But she photographed some of the Christmas cards she received this year, and WOW! I can't believe some of them! It certainly got my own creative juices flowing in a completely different direction.

I have been inspired myself to look at the idea of Christmas cards from a completely different angle. In one small project, I could have the opportunity to a) let my own creativity flow b) do a great project together with my family c) let my friends and family know what's up with us and d) let my friends and family know how much we love them and are thinking of them.

I may have to start in September, especially if I'm thinking of an outdoor photo, and especially if people want to get our card sometime in December. But I'm glad to have seen these ideas and had my own ideas turned on their head. It's important to get shaken up now and then.

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