Friday, 28 January 2011


I have absolutely adored watching Benjamin learn to walk. Both Colin and Caleb just stood up and went one day. Benjamin, on the other hand, has been slowly going through all the more traditional stages of learning to walk.

He has been cruising like nobody's business. He pretty much gave up crawling when he learned how fast he could propel himself along the couches and tables and walls in the house. He got fairly adept at the practice, managing his own version of the "run the circle" of the living room/kitchen/hall circuit we have. He loves chasing the boys when they get going.

In recent days he has been doing steps on his own. He would turn around and steady himself for a moment or two, and then slowly take a few steps toward something (usually me.) Each day he found more and more balance, which resulted in more and more steps.

Then today, he seemed to coordinate himself fully in order to wander across the rooms and through the main floor. There is ever so slight of a pause before he starts, as though he was gathering all the information needed, like the path to take, sizing up obstacles, finding his balance and gathering the will. Then he just plunges one foot forward and off he goes.

It is such a delight to watch it all take place. It's like this little person unfolding right before my eyes!

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