Thursday, 27 January 2011

When little voices grate

Today Caleb had a need to preface every sentence he spoke with "Mommy!" Sometimes, for fun, he'd change it up and start with "Mommymommymommymommy."

Needless to say, by 10 am his lovely adorable little three year old voice was DRIVING ME CRAZY! I had heard my "name" one too many times and didn't want to hear it even once more.

It was at that point that I told him that for the rest of the day, he must address me as "Anakin." (The boys are in a Star Wars phase right now.)

He seemed confused. I was just trying to maintain my sanity. Then he caught onto the game and had a good giggle every time he called me Anakin.

And that is how I made it through today.

1 comment:

heather80 said...

Try being in a classroom full of kindergarteners. I told them I was changing my name to Felicia.