Tuesday, 29 May 2012

3 days to full term!

The end is in sight!  It really, really in sight!  I delivered two of my babies at 38 weeks, which means only a week and a half to go.  Baby clothes washed, hospital bag packed...let's get this show on the road.

And that thought stopped me the other day.  I really want to deliver this baby rather than opt for a c-section.  Primarily this decision will be affected by the actual day I go into labour and where in my "up and down" cycle I am.  I seem to now be on about a 10 day cycle, with 3 good days and 3 bad days within that time period, and the rest a gradual ascent or descent.  If it's a bad day, then there would be too much likelihood of me fainting from the nausea, pain and exertion.  If it's a good day, then I'm hoping the adrenaline will kick in to see me through.

But I realized part of my problem also is the lack of physical activity I'm able to engage in.  The nausea and dizziness and pain means I spend most of my time either in bed, or sitting stationary.  It's been 8 months since I've had any semblance of physical activity.  I get winded just from going up or down the stairs.  So I've decided to try and go for a short walk every day in an attempt to improve my fitness level.  I'm hoping that even just this little bit of effort will help in getting me through the intense physical requirement of labour.

It's funny how laid-back I feel about bringing this new baby home.  We don't have a specific bed/cradle/co-sleeper for the baby yet...I'm still waiting on a couple of leads for a co-sleeper, otherwise I need to get the cradle from my sister.  But if the baby came tonight, well, when I got home then I would just put the baby in bed with me.  (James is already graciously sleeping in a spare bed so I can shift more easily in our double.)  I mean, really - what does a newborn need other than to nurse and sleep and be cuddled?  I could do everything he or she needs with no special baby supplies at all.

A week and a half isn't so long at all.  And my hope is that I might come early next week, just before 38 weeks.  Because after Friday, I'm free and in the clear!


Mom said...

I wonder if this baby is as anxious to come out as you are for her/him to come out. :-)

Jennifer said...

Let's hope they come early and don't decide to stay longer than expected like Sienna did :)