Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Please let it be soon!

Coming up on 34 weeks.  Yes, there really is an end in sight.  Which is good, because I'm about to go crazy.

Things sort of seem to be falling apart around the house here.  There is stuff piled up on our kitchen knee-wall, the microwave and portable dishwasher.  I HATE piles more than anything.  Plus I'm pretty sure there is a stray spoon and fork under the kitchen table that have been there a while.  Which also tells you we haven't swept or mopped the kitchen floor in a while.  Anyone else hate when you walk on the floor and are constantly trying to shake off the little crumbs that have gathered?  The stairway hasn't been vacuumed, the playroom needs a purge,  and now that we have 4 kids beds we only have one set of sheets for each, which means we can only strip the beds when we know we have the time to wash and dry them before naptime/bedtime.  The front hall area is a tripping hazard.  And there's about two pounds of Lego strewn about the upstairs rooms.  Never mind that you can't walk in the garage or the basement.

Sigh.  Today I also locked Benjamin and the car keys in the van when I picked him up this morning.  Thank goodness it's just around the corner from my house and my friend who was watching Ben had a bike, and could get the spare keys.  Then my flip flop broke while I was running for the bus to pick up the boys and there I am trying to limp down the street and catch the bus before she drives off (she can't wait because it's on a main street.)

I'm seriously gunning for a 36 week delivery.  2 weeks.  I can do that!  Come on, baby!


Mom said...

And as soon as we get there, I will take care of all those piles, crumbs and Lego. :-)

Jenn said...

Hang in there, mama, you're almost there!