Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Classical music

It seems that classical music is what speaks to, and calms, Juliette.  (Yay - for the boys it was always Michael Jackson.)  I'm so glad that my love of classical music seems to have been passed onto my little girl.

Last night I was driving out to a meeting of my book club, 25 minutes away.  Juliette started screaming 2 minutes into the ride, the kind of scream where she can't even catch a breath.  I knew there was no point in stopping; even if I'd calmed her down, once I strapped her back into her car seat the crying would have resumed. The best course of action was just to get to my destination as quickly as possible.

I turned up the radio station I had on, and she screamed louder.  Then I remembered the last time when classical music had calmed her down.  I changed the station and I kid you not, it was less than 5 seconds and she was perfectly quiet.  And there was not a peep the rest of the drive.  She didn't sleep, she just lay there listening.

On a related note, as I listened to the beautiful pieces, images began to form in my head.  Whenever I listen to classical music, I start to see movie scenes (made up, not real ones).  It's like every piece of music is telling a story and the image comes to life in my mind.  Then, three songs later, the radio announcer came on and announced "Music at the Movies will return in a moment."  No wonder such vivid scenes were playing out in my head!

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