Tuesday, 31 July 2012

From a child's eyes

Have you ever considered what the world is like for a young child?  I think about it now and then, especially in relation to the world that they must maneuver around.  Every time I see Benjamin working his way up the stairs, I imagine what it would be like to climb stairs that were as high as my knees every day.  And when I see the boys climbing into bed, I imagine a bed as tall as my chest.  Or running a backyard 30 times my height.  Or climbing up a bunk bed ladder ten feet tall.  Or keeping up with people whose strides are twice mine.  (Oh wait - I used to have to do that in university, when I was friends with a whole group of really tall people!  I vividly remember feeling like I was scurrying beside them to keep up!)

It must be absolutely exhausting sometimes!

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