Saturday, 28 July 2012

The first clear-out

The first clear-out happened yesterday.  Over the past six weeks I've filled up part of the garage with garbage to go to the dump, donations to go to a second-hand store, and a couple high value items to sell.  I'd been waiting to finish my clean/purge before taking these piles away, but there wasn't much room left in the garage.  So I got rid of it all yesterday, in preparation for the real clean and purge yet to come.  And it's coming.  Boy is it coming.  And it will be brutal and ruthless.  But I will love it.  Oh, how I will love it.


Anonymous said...

Do we get before and after photos?


Terri-Ann said...

Darn! Forgot to take photos. Okay - today I'm going to go around and just take all the before pictures of the house as it is (mess and all :) ) and that way I'll have it. I've never been so good at the taking photos and getting them up onto the blog. So much easier just to write it all out.

Jenn said...

Yay! Enjoy every moment, it feels SOOO good!