Friday, 21 June 2013

Beautiful summer days

Today is a day like I imagine our summer days will be.

The sun is shining and a light breeze is in the air.  It's hot in the sun and cool in the shade.  A lovely play in the morning, a little music with a friend at lunch, a lazy nap, a little writing, and backyard fun and barbecue with some friends of the boys later in the afternoon.

I picked up two workbook for Colin and Caleb, French books that are called "Heading into Third (First) Grade."  they are designed to help combat the lag in learning that happens over the summer months.  I've told the boys they will each do 3 pages during afternoon nap.  I envision this happening out on the back deck, and then some puzzle fun, or cards, or board games.

A local art shop offers one-off art classes for $25 a session, including materials.  I'm going to sign Colin up for a couple of them.  I want him to get some exposure to other artists, other children creating art, and some new materials also.

July is shaping up quite busily, which is good.  I like to be busy at first and then roll into a more lazy, spur of the moment feel for August.  We have Canada Day up in my Grandmother's town (small town games, three-legged races, face painting, a parade, and fireworks if they can stay awake.)  Then we have a few days of nothing before we literally go from one event to the next: Father's Day Blue Jays game, a week of Vacation Bible School (morning play group activities at a local church), a weekend at an outdoor Pageant in New York and a day at the Museum of Play in Rochester, a week at a cottage with family, Colin's Friday Night Lights Baseball game (at a real big diamond under the bright lights!), then the weekend in St. Thomas seeing the Thomas the Train event.

August will hold the mom and kids camp right in the middle, and I'm also trying to arrange a camping trip with some of our friends and their families.

The rest of the days will hopefully be busy in the morning with trips out, play dates, and parks, and the afternoons quieter with school work, reading aloud, board games, and Lego.

Here we go!

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