Monday, 10 June 2013


My friend was commenting how her 4 year old refers to the past and present as either "yesterday" and "today."  No matter when in the past, it's always "yesterday."  No matter when in the future, she always calls it "tomorrow."

It made me realize how Benjamin refers to time.  Everything that happened in the past, he calls "last year."  And everything in the future is "next Thursday."  I can't be sure why, but here's my guess.  Because of my illness with Juliette's pregnancy, time became very drawn out.  Not much happened at all during that year (nine months) and so everything in my timeline happened "last year."  In terms of "next Thursday," I think its because Thursday has always been our really busy day.  I have almost nothing planned the rest of the week, but Thursdays had preschool, bible study, ball hockey, baseball and band.  So I'm thinking that maybe it came from me constantly saying that things were happening "next Thursday."

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