Friday, 7 June 2013

Down the road

The announcement yesterday from our provincial government that getting a teacher degree would now take two years instead of one got me thinking about life down the road.  Since I'm not currently homeschooling (though not ruling it out down the road), in three years my kids will all be in school.  So what will my days look like then?

I don't see myself entering the work force full time.  I want to be able to devote 100% of my attention to my kids whenever they are home.  So that means getting all the cleaning, cooking, and shopping done during the day.  It means taking any personal time, reading, research or completing projects while they are at school.  And it means that once they are home I can help with projects, homework, personal enrichment projects for the kids, develop talents and interests, and taking them to any extra curricular activities they want to be involved in.  It means being able to take a kid out for a special lunch or go with them on a field trip, or run music/sports/arts programs in their school.

That being said, I still hope to contribute to our family financially.  But instead of one job that I attend on a regular schedule, I see myself as dabbling in small projects here and there.  I don't want a music business, but I would love to hire myself out as a pianist for events.  I don't want a photography business, but I do see myself doing family portraits or special occasions.  I don't think I would write day in and day out, but I do have some writing ideas I want to pursue.  I don't want to be travelling all over as a public speaker, but I would love to do some functions a few times a year.

I've always been a "jack of all trades, master of none" so to speak, and that's exactly how I see life "down the road" shaping up.

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