Monday, 8 July 2013


I started our summer reading program again this year, the one that was so successful in teaching Colin how to read last year.  Last summer, I told Colin that if he learned to read, and read 100 books, I would give him $10.  I had gauged out the amount of time we would have and tried to set up something that would take almost the whole summer.  Instead, he taught himself how to read on day 1 and had read all 100 books after the first week.

This year I wanted to up the ante.  Although Colin hadn't read much throughout the year outside of school, and almost nothing in English, I told him that this summer I wanted him to read chapter books.  Real chapter books of a good length.  Preapproved chapter books by myself.  I figured that with the number of weeks we would be home, 5 full length chapter books should take him toward the end of August.  A reward of $10 was on the table.

He read the 5 books in 5 days.

I seem to be seriously underestimating him.

But it was so nice to see him devouring the books.  He would disappear up to his bunk bed for hours, just sitting and reading.  And often he would just lounge on the couch while the other boys played.  And he even brought the book to the table (although it wasn't allowed to stay.)  The books he read are bent and creased and the covers are flapped open - I love the look of those well worn books.

I even tested him - asked him what the books were about and to read a sample page for me.  He struggled with approximately 1 out of 10 words, but was still able to get the gist of the story.

Looks like I might have bankrupted myself once again this summer...


Elizabeth said...

What an AWESOME challenge. I need to borrow it :)

Mom said...

I LOVE IT!!! Way to go, Colin! I love that he loves reading - hopefully, his reward for reading will change as he develops a love for it!