Tuesday, 2 July 2013

I'm having a barn raising!

Okay, so not a barn raising - but a kids clubhouse raising!  And you are all invited.

Here is the story.  I saw a great outdoor girls' playhouse on a blog the other day, and it jumped into my mind that I would love to have one for my kids.  (Only not painted pink with frilly trim.)  At first I thought I would purchase a pre-fabricated one, but then I realized how much I wanted to build one myself.

I have never framed (building term, not picture frames!) anything, but I have built a few things here and there (including our fence.)  I have never roofed anything.  I did hang a door last week, but I've never built shutters.  But I know people who have.  And I know people who want to.

You see, I learn by watching.  I was sitting here this afternoon wishing I knew someone who wanted to build a playhouse and actually knew what they were doing so I could crash their place for a weekend, swing a hammer, wield a saw, and raise a "barn" with them.  But as I haven't caught wind of that happening yet, I figured why not bring everyone here and do it together.  Maybe we'll inspire a few other moms to follow suit who are just as adventurous (there are a few I'm thinking of in particular) and maybe we'll inspire someone who never thought they could do it at all, but who then realize it's not that tough.  (At least I hope that's what we realize!)

So if you're interested, sign on up.  I think I'm going to try for the August long weekend (I need time when James will be home to watch the kids.)

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