Saturday, 27 July 2013


We've been doing really well on our goal to bike more and drive less this summer.  Caleb is getting really good on two wheels, and Ben will reluctantly get into the trailer when we have to go across town and I know it's too far for his training wheels.

I've also been taking the boys one by one on nice days, after dinner, for a ride just the two of us.  Each ride is completely different, both because of the skill level and the personality of the rider.

A couple of weeks ago when Colin and I went biking at the local conservation, we biked 11 km together.  As we went along, we would pass about ten minutes in silence.  Then one of of would speak a sentence or two, to which the other would reply.  Then we would fall once again into our comfortable silence.  It was striking to see how alike Colin and I are, both introverts, both love nature, both happy to just be with each other without feeling the need to fill the beautiful peaceful silent with words.

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