Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Summer goals

Okay - so those aren't fabulous pictures, but here are Colin and Caleb's summer goal charts.  (You can see Colin's 5 chapter books already completed.)  We worked on coming up with the goals together, a combination of things I hoped they would learn and things they wanted to learn.

- learn guitar, practice 10 minutes a day (I need to buy new strings for his guitar)
- ride his bike twice a week (to help him learn to navigate our town on his own)
- write weekly in his journal
- read 5 chapter books
- catch 100 pop flies (to help him improve his baseball skills for his team this year)

- cook Sunday lunch (he wanted to learn how to cook)
- learn the trumpet
- ride his bike (learn to ride on two wheels)
- write in journal (dictate to me, and then draw a picture)
- read 100 books

Both boys also have a summer workbook to complete about 3 pages a day, to bridge the gap from June to September and keep their French up.  So far things are going fairly well.  Bike riding is something I love to do also, so every day (so long as it's not raining) I'm taking one of the boys on a short bike ride. The workbooks they work on during naptime to keep them quiet.  The journal we write in once a week during naptime also.  The books are on their own time.  The pop flies haven't started yet, but I've top-loaded our summer activities, so July is pretty busy while August will have more time to ourselves.

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