Saturday, 30 May 2009


Much of the time, I feel as though an elephant is sitting on my chest. I struggle for every breath, never feeling I really get my lungs filled with air.

At times during the day, I get the sensation of being scared out of my wits. This shock starts in my heart and emanates out to the tips of my fingers and toes. After the initial jolt, I am left with my heart pounding and breathing heavily. Really - it's just as if someone scared the daylights out of me, except that it happens while I'm just lying in bed.

Some of the time, I have the illusion of being perfectly fine. Except that if I talk for more than a few minutes, or walk to the next room, I feel as if I just ran the 100 metre sprint in the Olympics. It winds me to the point that I'm struggling to get enough air, breathing hard and fast.

Pregnancy does the strangest things to me. Whatever happened to nausea and morning sickness and food cravings? Come on - at least it would be fun to have a reason to send James out for ice cream at 10 at night.

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Anonymous said...

Or how about the time I asked Dad to go and get me some popsicles late at night when I was pregnant with you - I just HAD to have them - luckily for me, Dad was (and still is) very understanding and supportive. :-)