Friday, 22 May 2009


Colin: Mommy, what's this?
Mommy: It's gum. It's not for children, only for grownups.
Colin: May I just I take a peek?
Mommy: Yes.
(pulls out a piece of gum in its wrapper)
Colin: May I open it, just to look and not to eat?
Mommy: Yes.
Colin: May I have gum when I am a grownup?
Mommy: Yes.
Colin: Oh, that's good. Thank you.

This is Colin's latest "Colinism." He is so understanding of the concept "you can, when you are a grownup." He associates anything he is not allowed to do with the fact that he's not old enough. Here is a list of things he has proclaimed he will do once he's a grownup:

1. Drive a motorcycle.
2. Eat a candy bar.
3. Chew gum.
4. Use a computer.
5. Plug in an appliance.
6. Mow the lawn.
7. Use nail clippers.

I tried explaining that some things he just needs to be older, not necessarily grownup, but he hasn't quite grasped the concept of years yet. He simply replies: no, I will have to wait until I am a grownup.

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