Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Caleb's test

Over the past few days we've been on a mad search to find a part-time Nanny to watch the boys during the mornings while James is away at work. Even before getting pregnant, we knew we would face about 6 or 8 weeks during which we would have to have some help while I am confined to bed.

I put the word out to our friends for referrals. It's such a difficult decision, hiring someone you are going to trust your little ones with day after day, for such a long stretch of time. And because the need is so urgent, we knew we didn't have the time to mull and search for a long period.

Luckily we have, what we call, the "Caleb Test." Since birth Caleb has been weary of everyone. Until the past month there were very very few people he would go to. There were times he wouldn't be happy with anyone but myself. But over the past month he's spread his wings a little and decided there are indeed a few more people he is willing to trust. The funny thing is that he bestows his love in seemingly arbitrary ways. I have two girlfriends he has "chosen" worthy to cuddle and play with. And then there was the complete stranger at the Early Years Centre, a mother of two preschool children, to whom Caleb ran up to, jumped into her lap and cuddled in her neck. This is really unbelievable, especially if you know Caleb.

And so yesterday we had our first and only interview with a university student interested in watching the boys. She came highly recommended from a good friend, with previous experience working with children. She agreed with the outline and terms we had for the job. She was a lovely girl. But what sealed the deal for us was when she sat on the couch and Caleb literally propelled himself into her lap. He cuddled, played and laughed with her. Love at first sight; she had passed the Caleb test.

And so, beginning tomorrow, she will join us for the next few weeks. There is a general sigh of relief that can be heard all the way down the block as we've finally figured out a solution.

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