Thursday, 5 November 2009

Christmas shopping

Is it okay to brag that I had all my Christmas shopping done before November? I'll use the excuse that I need to be ready early because I'm due during the holiday season, but really I just love doing the shopping! No quick stops, last minute shopping for me. I love to peruse the stores, thinking about each person I'm buying for, what they might like, and the smile on their face when they open the gift.

This year I headed down to a huge toy warehouse with my sisters. What drew us down was the promotion of huge savings. The deals weren't all that fantastic, but it was wonderful to see such a widespread selection all in one place. And each toy was $5 or $10 cheaper than in a store like Toys R Us. Add that to the savings on gas and time from store hopping, and it really was an economic decision after all.

Next week I'm planning an afternoon of wrapping - possibly one of my most favourite times of the holiday season. Listening to favourite Christmas songs, I lay everything out and visualize again what I've got for each person. Then I choose the wrapping paper and write up the gift labels and then pack all the wrapped presents into a few boxes to be stored away until Christmas.

It seems appropriate to be thinking and writing about this today, as this morning we had our first snow in town. Big, huge, fluffy white snowflakes falling slowly from the sky. It didn't snow long and it didn't stay on the ground, but it was a beautiful sight out the bedroom window while it did fall.

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