Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Getting used to our new family

This pregnancy has been interesting, because we've really gotten to talking about "Benjamin", when he'll arrive, what he'll be like, the things he will do (or won't be able to do). It truly seems like he's already a part of this family, and has been since we found out I'm having a boy back in August. We picked his name out, without any indecision at all. And although there has been nothing about being pregnant that I have liked, it's been an interesting feeling to talk about this third baby as if he was already here.

He moves like crazy inside. Almost every moment of the day (and even through the night) he's wiggling around. I don't get any kicks, or elbows sticking out in one spot - just the endless wiggling and tossing and turning, like when you're lying in bed at night half asleep and half awake and can't seem to settle down to sleep. Actually, if anyone were to sit near me, they would basically see a constant shifting. It's actually really visible, which makes me a little self-conscious. I just hope people don't stare too often at my stomach. I'm always aware of how much he's moving. It's hard to forget he's there when he's making himself known all the time! Maybe that will be part of his personality. Heaven knows there isn't a shy bone in our family yet!

The boys are really taken by him. Usually at least once a day one of the boys comes to give Benjamin a hug (cuddling my stomach). They like that they "share my lap" with Benjamin when we read stories. Caleb likes that I can carry both him and the baby at once. We often talk about how Benjamin will be coming at Christmastime. If you ask Caleb who is coming at Christmas, he will actually answer Benjamin, instead of Santa! Oftentimes Caleb will even offer Benjamin his soother.

It's just over 6 weeks until my due date, so hopefully about 4 weeks until Benjamin makes his debut. It will be interesting to see how things actually change once Benjamin is actually here. This is the first time I've felt so attached before the baby arrived. I think it's probably a good thing; I still worry every day that everything is going fine with the pregnancy. Everything has been picture perfect, but that there's a little dark corner in the back of my mind where worry still lingers. That's partly why I haven't complained much about how much Benjamin moves: every movement is a relieving reminder that he's thriving and doing just fine.

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