Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Pregnancy Menu

How I wish I had found this menu a few months back! With my body craving healthy foods, and with me trying my best to get all my nutrients from food alone (without a supplemental vitamin), I often struggled with coming up with meal ideas. Today as I searched through the "Today's Parent" website, I came across this 7-day menu for pregnant women.

It's awesome!

Every meal is different, easy, and mouth-watering. Could you ask for anything more in a menu? Only more of them! And although there is no way I eat all that food in one day, it's at least nice to have some options at my fingertips. I may only have 5 weeks (or less) to go, but I'm hopping on this bandwagon today! And very likely most of these meal ideas will hang around in our menu even after the baby comes.

(If you want to have a peek, click here)

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Anonymous said...


I checked out some of the menus from this article. They seem very yummy and they also sound like they are very nutritious. It reminds me a lot of Weight Watcher's in that they use all four food groups, there are five small meals throughout the day, you would never go hungry, and you are not eating junk. The cheese strata sounds yummy - I think I might try that one when we come back to Canada. :-)