Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Experimentation in naptime

Day one.

One mom. One child at school. Two babies at home to nap.

30 minutes to naptime. One toddler refusing to eat. One newborn falling asleep (too early!)
One phone call from the school. Child needs picking up. No explanation given.

Mom sends Dad to school (he will now be late for work).

10 minutes later: Dad still not back. Toddler still not eating. Newborn still sleeping.

20 minutes later. Mom realizing that at least with child coming home from school, she no longer will have to wake the other two children early from nap, get them dressed in winter gear and walk down to pick up child from school. Mom foresees a good 2 hour nap for everyone!

1 minute later Dad pulls into the driveway - without child. He has convinced him to stay at school. Mom isn't sure this is the outcome she hoped for. She prays that she won't get a call mid-way through nap. She dashes upstairs with toddler to get him down to nap.

Newborn wakes up.

Toddler doesn't understand the crying bundle that is inhibiting him from cuddling with Mom during his book. Thankfully, he endures the screaming and uncomfortable sitting position and climbs into bed without incident.

Mom takes sleepy newborn downstairs, but he suddenly decides he isn't tired. Strike that - he's exhausted, red eyes drooping, but can't seem to settle down to sleep. Mom watches as the minutes tick by, counting away the one hour of the day she might have to herself.

Victory today can only be counted if toddler manages to sleep through newborn crying. Outlook very uncertain.

Ah well. Day one is a write-off. Perhaps day two will be better.

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