Thursday, 14 January 2010

Quiet moments

The other night I found myself alone, sitting in a quiet living room, with my parents out and my kids and husband all fast asleep at 8pm. After walking Benjamin around for an hour in the dark trying to calm his poor little gassy tummy down, he finally fell asleep in my arms. I sank down into the rocking chair in our living room, slowly pushing myself back and forth in a soothing, calming motion.

I thought about grabbing my book, or turning on a movie, but there was a quiet lure to just sitting in the darkness. The shadows of the furniture filled the room, and the somber orange glow of the street lights framed the windows. The clock kept time softly, and the only other sound was the squeak of vent that we have fondly called our "hamster."

The newness of Benjamin's baby smell scented the air around me, enveloping me like the woven blanket across my legs. I basked in the setting for nigh an hour, relishing the rare moment of quietness to myself. I love that amid the busyness of my world as mommy I am still able to find these times of peace.

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