Thursday, 21 January 2010

The worry is never over

A while back my sister asked me if, as a mother, there comes a point where you don't worry so much about your kids. I chuckled and answered honestly: no. I still worry about while my kids are sleeping, when Colin goes to school, when they are driving in the car without me. The worry is never over.

Since he was born, Benjamin has had a terrible cough. His chest sounds full of phlegm, and his coughing fits can last minutes, ending in choking. The doctor said it was just mucous from birth. But after a month, I knew that it shouldn't be birth mucous anymore. Another trip to the doctors, a chest x-ray, and an ER trip later, we found out he actually has bronchitis. It is highly unusual for a newborn to get bronchitis, but nevertheless...

We have antibiotics for him, which is starting to help. Benjamin's cough and choking get worse when he lies down, so we have all been taking shifts through the night and day, letting him sleep upright in our arms. I find the extent of a mother's love for her children is really evident during times like this: I in no way tire of caring for him during his illness, no matter how inconvenient it is or how long it may endure. The love I feel for my children helps me understand the love my Father in Heaven has for me, as his child. It is just a small taste of unconditional love.

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