Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Thank you, body

I'm not sure if it's genes, luck, or the fact that I spend my entire pregnancy ill and eating only fruits and veggies, but I have the fortune of getting back into pre-pregnancy clothes fairly quickly after birth. Even the so-called "curse of the third" (third pregnancy, that is) seems to have passed me by.

So last Friday when I had a wedding to attend, I figured that I'd try to wear a bridesmaid dress I have from a few years back. How often do you actually get a chance to wear one of these fancy dresses again? So I pulled the dress from the back of the closet and stepped into it. Victory! It slid up and over my hips with ease. I reached back and pulled up the zipper...only to have it stop an inch and a half from the top. Yes, that's right. Although the rest of my body is back in shape, I had neglected to consider the added...ahem...weight to my chest! No matter what I did, there was no way I was squeezing my chest into that dress! So disappointing. Ah well. My guess is that James was secretly smiling and happy at my "misfortune!"


Kevin said...

My guess is that James was secretly smiling and happy at my "misfortune!"

Heck, I'm trying not to be, myself, and here I'm just a casual passer by! An idle reader! An innocent bystander! (Well, maybe not so innocent, at the end of the day, perhaps.) Anyway, sorry -- carry on rejoicing over your immaculate figure.

: )

Emily Tayman said...

David's sister is getting married a month after my due date. I am -terrified- of the prospect of finding something I look good in for the wedding. May I have your good fortune! Please, Please, PLEASE. Ok, vanity moment over.